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Human error and misconfigurations primary source of Kubernetes security snafus, report says

February 21, 2020 / James Bourne

StackRox, a provider of cloud-native, container and Kubernetes security, warned in its previous report that the security implications for Kubernetes were beginning to spill over to adoption – and the release of its updated winter study have proved the company right.The paper, the winter edition of its State of Container and Kubernetes Security Report, was put together alongside 451 Research and polled more than 500 industry professionals.94% of those polled said they had experienced security incidents in their container environments during the previous 12 months. As is frequently the case with other cloud security snafus, human error – in this case misconfigured containers – can be found as a root cause, a trend which StackRox said was ‘alarmingly common.More than two thirds (69%) of those polled said they had experienced a misconfiguration incident; just over a quarter (27%) found a security incident during runtime, with a similar number (24%0 having a major vu...