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IBM bets on blockchain to leverage cloud revenue

February 12, 2020 / Roberto Torres

Industry watchers say blockchain adoption in the enterprise is in its infancy. IBM's got time and resources to watch it evolve and deliver more workloads to its cloud. Since 2018, IBM has tripled its blockchain patents each year, and has a workforce of 2,000 blockchain experts focused on development and implementation, the company told CIO Dive. Citing customers the size of Ford, Maersk and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, IBM's strategy hinges on luring more customers to its cloud platform.IBM has worked to make inroads in advanced technologies such as quantum computing unveiling the IBM Q System One last year and blockchain. But the enterprise cloud market, led by Amazon Web Services, has remained elusive.In the broader cloud market, IBM is a niche player, according to Gartner stats. In 2018 it landed in last place among the top five providers, with 1.8% of market share. IBM trails its closest competitor, Google Cloud, which sits at 4%.In 2018, artificial intelligence, ...