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IBM Puts Ever-Increasing Importance on Work with Red Hat to Drive More Business in Cloud

October 22, 2020 / WRAL TechWire

The next generation of computing will define how we respond to crises, by accelerating the analysis of problems and the synthesis of solutions to them. The ability to make advances in AI, in particular, will empower collaborative scientific communities and bring automation and virtually unlimited computing resources to every facet of the scientific process. With the help of AI and the computers that power it, scientists will be able to accelerate and scale scientific discovery at a pace never before seen.

AI’s unprecedented demand for data, power and system resources poses the greatest challenge to realizing this optimistic vision of the future. To meet that demand, we’re developing a new class of inherently energy-efficient AI hardware accelerators that will increase compute power by orders of magnitude, in hybrid cloud environments, without the demand for increased energy.