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If you’re adopting the cloud in your organisation, you don’t have to start from scratch

July 06, 2018 / Sean Beard

Your organization recently launched its cloud adoption journey. Executives are supportive, and grassroots enthusiasts add energy to your effort. The whole initiative launched with proper planning and focus, and your task force is working well together. Despite the strong start, many days feel like a slog. Progress is slow, and teams regularly surface new hurdles that they must overcome before the organization can bring its first critical workloads online in the public cloud. Pressure is mounting for a quick win. The transition to the cloud can be difficult, and one major hindrance is that organizations are trying to bite off too much complexity as they initiate their cloud adoption journey. Right by default cloud solutions can accelerate your progress. Organizations understand their unique needs and vulnerabilities, but at times they forget their commonalities with others. As a result, many embrace a notion that their cloud adoption journey must start from scratch procedurally and tech...