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InSynerger provides cloud computing-based power management services

November 15, 2019 / Chloe Liao

Taiwan-based InSynerger Technology has introduced cloud computing power management services by virtue of IoT, big data analysis and AI for non-residential users, according to company president Polon Chuang.InSynerger, spun off from government-sponsored Information Industry Institute (III) in 2017, uses IoT sensors to collect power consumption data from machines and equipment, and provides cloud computing-based platforms for users to improve power use efficiency, Chuang said, adding power consumption data can be used in analysis to detect abnormal operating conditions for machines and equipment and optimize manufacturing processes.Based on analysis of historical data on power consumption and relevant data such as output and working days, InSynerger predicts monthly power demand as reference for users to decide on optimal monthly contract capacity for electricity supply with state-run Taiwan Power Company (Taipower), Chuang indicated.InSynerger helps users prevent power use from exceedin...