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InterDigital, Blacknut, and Nvidia Unveil World’s First Cloud Gaming Solution With AI-Enabled User Interface

June 03, 2020 / InterDigital, Inc.

InterDigital, Inc., a mobile and video technology research and development company, today introduced the world’s first cloud gaming solution with an AI and machine learning-enabled user interface, presented in collaborative partnership with cloud gaming trailblazer Blacknut and in cooperation with GPU pioneer Nvidia. The tripartite collaboration represents the first time that an AI and machine learning-driven user interface is utilized, wearable-free, with a live cloud gaming solution. The technology demonstrates the incredible potential of integrating localized and far-Edge enabled AI capabilities into home gaming experiences.

The AI and machine learning-enabled user interface is connected to a cloud gaming solution that operates without joysticks or wearable accessories. The demonstration leverages unique technologies, including real-time video analysis on home and local edge devices, dynamic adaptation to available compute resources, and shared AI models managed...