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Is your cloud spend out of control? How to rein in your purchasing

May 17, 2019 / Andrew Logan

If the weather isn't quite up to scratch it is hard to resist the lure of an all-inclusive family holiday. The azure blue sea, pristine white sand, and masses of food and drink - interspersed with a spot of swimming to burn off some of the excesses. But fast-forward to check out and you get a nasty surprise: a larger than expected bill. Those extras excluded from your “all-inclusive” deal were too tempting for your teenagers: how did they consume so many snacks between the all-you-can-eat buffets?  The post-holiday blues kick in as you realise you should have given your kids clearer guidelines on the first day. A nasty surprise on the invoicing front can also occur if you do not prepare carefully enough when you move to the cloud. I highlighted the importance of tackling ghost spending and costly, complex contracts before moving to the cloud in this article. A natural next step is cloud cost optimisation, whether you are starting to deploy cloud or already have pro...