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JFrog Delivers on Hybrid Cloud Promise for DevOps

February 28, 2020 / MIKE VIZARD

Dror Bereznitsky, chief product officer for JFrog, said the JFrog Platform integrates a range of DevOps tools within the context of the continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD) platform that the company previously developed, with the goal of making it possible to continuously release software originating from any source on to any platform.Announced late last year, the JFrog Platform also provides DevOps teams with the first universal package manager with JFrog Artifactory along with support for both REST application programming interfaces (APIs) and a command line interface (CLI), he said.In addition, the JFrog Platform provides a common integrated user interface to access all capabilities and has been integrated with JFrog Pipelines for CI/CD, which is based on code JFrog gained via its acquisition of Shippable last year. The JFrog platform also enables DevOps teams to now also deploy applications on Kubernetes clusters.Finally, because the platform is managed by JFrog, De...