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Joyent bids farewell to the public cloud in ‘difficult’ decision

June 06, 2019 / James Bourne

It was one of the most innovative early-stage cloud vendors – but Joyent’s public cloud offering will be no more. The company announced its departure from the public cloud space in a blog post today, scaling back its availability to customers of its single-tenant cloud offering. Affected customers have five months to find a new home; a documentation page confirmed the Joyent Triton public cloud will reach end of life on November 9, while the company has separately put together a list of available partners, including Microsoft Azure and OVH. Steve Tuck, Joyent president and chief operating officer (COO), cited strained resources in developing both its public cloud and single-tenant cloud as the reason behind a ‘difficult’ decision. To all of our public cloud customers, we will work closely with you over the coming five months to help you transition your applications and infrastructure as seamlessly as possible to their new home,” Tuck wrote. “We are t...