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Look before you dive headlong into cloud

August 13, 2019 / Paul Cant

With soaring temperatures nearly touching 40 degrees Celsius in the UK, its made us think what does cloud adoption and swimming on a hot summers day have in common? Although the cloud adoption in the UK is outpacing the European average, local businesses of all sizes should never dive into either without first assessing the risks. With almost all technologies which have been developed and deployed, cloud comes with a buyer beware’ label. Each cloud deployment should be configured to the appropriate needs and outcomes of a business. This means knowing what potential hazards lurk below the surface and how they could impact your dive or your application deployment. Unexpected expenses: Not understanding the known unknowns of cloud spending can really hurt businesses as it holds up valuable financial and human resources which can be used in other areas such as AI experimentation or IoT implementation. Cloud platforms make it really easy to deploy and spin up new resources, but this c...