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Majority of workloads will go to cloud in 2020

January 16, 2020 / Mark Jones

If we needed evidence of cloud computing’s success, that AWS revenue has risen from US$300 million in 2009 to become a US$32 billion business today, is fairly substantial. What began as a movement to provide companies with easier and more cost-effective access to IT infrastructure has become the most important computing development in history,opens a new report by AllCloud which cements the trajectory of what is, simply, access to ‘computers on the internet.According to the Cloud Infrastructure Report, featuring responses from more than 150 IT decision-makers at organizations where at least 300 employees were using cloud infrastructure, 85 percent of organizations expect to shift the majority of their workloads cloudwards by the end of the year, while just shy of a quarter (24 percent) plan to be cloud-only.