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Meditech works with Google to host EHRs to the public cloud, intros iPhone support

October 04, 2019 / Mike Miliard

Meditech is collaborating with Google Cloud to offer its electronic health record through its public cloud platform, which it says will boost security, interoperability and scalability for its EHR customers.By working with Google Cloud Platform Meditech will be able to offer options aligned with its Meditech-as-a-Service subscription model, the company said on Tuesday, with faster and more cost-effective implementation of evolving EHR technology.
Public cloud also helps healthcare organizations with finite resources for cybersecurity bolster their infosec preparedness and protect against ransomware attacks. And the Google Cloud collaboration also extends to application development. Plans are underway to develop native cloud products as well as APIs to be used on these products,says Meditech President and COO Michelle O’Connor. “So the innovations will be extended to our on-premise customers as well.
On Thursday, meanwhile, the company announced that it will su...