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Microsoft makes bid for hybrid-cloud stewardship with Azure Arc

November 06, 2019 / R. DANES

Most companies have abandoned the either/or approach to infrastructure. They now know they’ll operate both on-premises and in the cloud for the foreseeable future. But the model hybrid environment remains out of focus. Is it a suite of public-cloud services stood up on-prem? Or is it perhaps an on-prem appliance with arms extending to cloud? And how on earth is it all managed?Companies have moved cloud-security anxiety, and now piecing the hybrid puzzle together is the preoccupation, according to Barbara Hallmans (pictured), global director of Microsoft alliance and HPE ecosystem GTM at Hewlett Packard Enterprise Co. “I think today people have lost the fear a little bit, but they still don’t know what to put where,” she said.What to put where is a simple phrase belying the deep partnerships and sophisticated tech needed to make hybrid a reality.