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Microsoft's Enterprise IoT Push Moves to the Intelligent Edge

June 28, 2018 / Pedro Hernandez

Microsoft's internet of things (IoT) product strategy for enterprises just took a major turn.Azure IoT Edge is generally available, the Redmond, Wash., software maker announced on June 27, bringing with it the quality and support assurances required for production IoT deployments that enable the intelligent edge at scale. The cloud-based service provides tools that enterprises can use to deploy, secure and run artificial intelligence (AI) and data analytics workloads on edge IoT devices and systems. Intelligent edge describes a computing model where IoT data is processed and analyzed where it is generated, rather than transmitted back to the cloud or an on-premises data center that is otherwise used to perform those functions. This is appealing to businesses seeking a low-latency and secure way of building highly adaptable IoT systems, like industrial equipment in factories that can respond to changing conditions in near-real time or preventative maintenance systems that alert pers...