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Net Neutrality and Impact on Cloud Computing

July 07, 2018 / Editorial Team

The FCC’s repeal of net neutrality rules, which went live June 11, effectively turns Internet Service Providers (ISPs) into an oligarchy beyond what they already were, now capable of charging both customers and service providers for access. Conceptually, Internet in the US may look very different than the rest of the world in the coming years. While the actual cost of connecting to the Internet is unlikely to change for the average customer, those who are connected for long, heavy sessions, such as gamers and streamers, might find themselves in a tiered subscription model where they are charged for the highest speeds and the largest amounts of downloaded data. The repeal could have a double-edged sword effect on the likes of YouTube, Facebook, and Google, which all thrive off delivering content in a multitude of forms at a high rate of speed. Like cable companies, the ISPs may be charging these mega-powers a carriage fee or a service charge for connectivity above a certain speed ...