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New for Kubernetes: Extend cloud-based applications with Kyma

May 24, 2019 / Sarah Schlothauer

The Kubernetes tools just don’t stop coming. Kyma is a flexible open source project donated by SAP that uses a set of cloud-native components and services for extending Kubernetes. It contains an application connector and service catalog for helping you and your team solve challenges. There’s no shortage of tools for making containers easier (or better) to use. Regardless of your needs or use case, chances are, there’s already a tool waiting for you. Add one more to that list. Kubernetes announced on their blog a newly open source project donated by SAP. Kyma allows for extending and building on Kubernetes with ease. Version 1.0 is here, so let’s see what problem-solving features are in store. What is Kyma? From their website: “Kyma provides a set of cloud-native components and services required to build modern, end-to-end user experience scenarios that follow a best-practices approach to performance, scalability, efficiency, and security“. All of it...