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Nexus primary health migrates InterSystems TrakCare to cloud-based service

August 09, 2019 / Nathan Eddy

Healthcare provider Nexus Primary Health has migrated its InterSystems TrakCare healthcare information system to a cloud-based managed service  by Intersystems.Migrating the TrakCare electronic medical records platform provided by InterSystems to a cloud-based model is designed to give the provider, which boasts four facilities in Victoria, better remote access and disaster recovery.Overcoming perceived security, privacy and data governance risks is very important for the acceptance of cloud-hosted offerings by healthcare organisations in Australia,Darren Jones, regional director of customer relations and sales for InterSystems, told HealthcareITNews.He explained one way InterSystems achieves this is by meeting the legal requirement that healthcare data be hosted in Australia,and said that compared with the previous remotely hosted implementation of TrakCare that serviced Nexus, InterSystems provides higher levels of support and availability.