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Opportunities and challenges for enterprise mobility in 2020

December 27, 2019 / idgconnect.com

Almost every business across the globe is making use of mobile devices to optimise processes, streamline workflows and increase workforce productivity. Enterprise mobility is therefore a critical component of the day to day operations of many businesses that make up the global economy.
But, as 5G becomes established and digital transformation earns commonplace, what opportunities and challenges lie in store for enterprise mobility in 2020? At present, 5G is still being rolled out and tried and tested, particularly here in the UK. When the dust settles and use cases are decided upon, however, 5G will once again transform the importance of mobile devices. This is because the speeds and low-latency that comes with 5G will create a whole host of new and enhanced applications, which all depend on always-available connectivity and low-latency transactions with cloud-based systems. Consequently, the need for 24/7 uptime and availability of these devices and their connections to the clo...