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Oracle Announces New Generation of Oracle Exadata Cloud Service

October 16, 2020 / PR Newswire

Oracle today announced the new generation of Oracle Exadata Cloud Service, now based on the Exadata X8M platform, available this month on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Customers can accelerate their most challenging transaction processing and data analytics projects with Exadata X8M in 26 global cloud regions and Dedicated Region Cloud@Customer. With architectural identicality across cloud and on-premises, Oracle Exadata Cloud Service X8M makes it easy for customers to move even the largest and most demanding databases and workloads seamlessly to the cloud with no changes to applications. Breakthrough performance, scale and elasticity enable Exadata Cloud Service X8M to run applications needing multiple workloads and data types in a single converged Oracle Database. In contrast, AWS users need to perform complex and costly integration of multiple different database services.