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Poor Data Visibility Encourages SMBs To Leave The Cloud

August 06, 2019 / Ilia Sotnikov

Today, many cloud providers offer SMBs services to increase flexibility, scalability and mobility to simplify their routine and achieve their business goals. Touching on this increase in offerings, Microsoft published an e book that highlights ways these businesses can leverage the cloud in order to create fully functional teams without having to invest fully in a physical office location. In addition, Microsoft notes that the clouds lower price point allows smaller businesses to jump into the fray with larger corporations. Despite these arguments and findings, my company recently conducted our 2019 Netwrix Cloud Data Security Report, which analyzed data from 749 organizations. We found that smaller businesses are more likely to leave the cloud compared to larger organizations. Of those who plan to uncloud or have already done so, 66% are SMBs with up to 1,000 employees. Even though this process is costly and time-consuming, SMBs are still willing to go through it. Why is that? Before ...