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Quarterly SaaS spending hits $20 billion – with Microsoft continuing to hold a solid lead

August 28, 2018 / James Bourne

Microsoft continues to hold a solid lead in the enterprise SaaS market ahead of Salesforce – but even though the market can be considered mature there is plenty more potential to come.That is the key finding from the latest note by Synergy Research. The analysis, which comes from Q2 data, notes that the enterprise SaaS market is new generating $20 billion in quarterly revenues for vendors. Microsoft holds 17% of the overall market, with Salesforce the nearest contender and the only other company to hold more than 10% share. Microsoft is also the fastest growing company with 45% annual growth. Oracle, with just over 5% overall share, saw 43% growth, with SAP (36%), Adobe (32%) and Salesforce (25%) all solid. While everyone is seeing solid growth, it also plays into the fact that the market is somewhat fragmented with different areas for growth. Per the company’s figures from this time last year, Microsoft, Cisco and Google dominate collaboration, with Salesforce, Microsoft a...