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Reports of the End of On-Premises IT Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

March 12, 2020 / Bob Evans

The cloud-computing boom is turning out to be one of the greatest growth markets the tech industry has ever seen.CEOs and boards of directors are pushing their CIOs to be more aggressive about moving to the cloud.Transformational new technologies like AI and ML are optimized for deployment in cloud environments.So with all of this feverish cloud-computing momentum underway, then surely on-premises IT and traditional data centers are on their very last legs, right?And every business is going to be 100% cloud as soon as possible, right?
Actually, quite the opposite is true, and we’re finding that reports of the death of on-premises IT and traditional data centers have been greatly exaggerated.Just as video didn’t kill the radio star, the cloudmania of today is certainly not going to mean the end of corporate datacenters and traditional IT.Instead, business-technology leaders are now able to choose the optimal IT environment cloud or traditional to meet their specific b...