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RMIT Launches Cloud Innovation Centre Focused On Cybersecurity

December 05, 2019 / Ellen Daniel

RMIT today announced it will open a Cloud Innovation Centre in 2020 aimed at tackling broad cybersecurity challenges with emerging technology. The Cyber Ready Cloud Innovation Centre is a partnership between the Melbourne University, the federal government and Amazon Web Services (AWS), with the US company providing the cloud computing technology and additional training. The Australian government has tasked the new centre with addressing Australia’s cybercrime challenge, which it says directly affected one in three people last year, and costs businesses $29 billion annually.Specifically, the government wants RMIT to help develop policy to make the 200,000 university graduates each year become “cyber ambassadors” thereby improving the country’s cyber resilience.The RMIT Cloud Innovation Centre (CIC) joins Swinburne as the second such AWS centre in the southern hemisphere and the ninth globally. The centres use AWS cloud computing technology and Amazon’s met...