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Should you consider adopting a cloud data warehouse

January 13, 2020 / Aaron Hurst

Both the data lake and the data warehouse within the cloud have their benefits. While data lakes consist of unorganised lagoons without categories, they are great for data scientists to analyse different kinds of data at once.The two kinds of data storage also differ in the tools that can be accessed.In general, for the likes of Redshift, Snowflake, Azure, SQL Data Warehouse, one of the most important things when you talk about a data warehouse is the accessibility to the tools that are available today and that people are familiar with,” said SnapLogic CTO Craig Stewart.This can be something like Microstrategy or Tableau, or something like AWS Insights or Microsoft Power BI, all of which can talk SQL to that data store.That’s really what differentiates the data warehouse from the data lake. The accessibility to those tools, as well as the query ability in that SQL form makes it democratised so that anybody who can use SQL can use those things, whereas if you were talking ab...