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Tencent and Baidu gain on Alibaba in cloud computing as coronavirus boosts demand

March 23, 2020 / David H Deans

The cloud market in China is expected to receive a boost this year after major players rushed to offer cloud capability to keep the country operational during the coronavirus outbreak, helping to move government, business and educational services online.The outlook is positive for 2020 because organisations will assess their business continuity measures after the health crisis is over with a view to shifting more applications to the cloud, Canalys said.The benefits of cloud computing were demonstrated by the leading cloud service providers in response to the escalating coronavirus crisis,said Canalys senior analyst Yih Khai Wong.They rapidly deployed continuity measures for organizations and established resource intensive workloads to analyse vast datasets.Cloud companies opened their platforms,allowing new and existing customers to use more resources for free to help maintain operations.