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The Cloud & Fiber Initiative Driving Indias Digital Transformation

August 09, 2019 / NA

Its not so long ago that the Internet was regarded as a playground for techies, geeks and nerds with the vast majority of traffic passing over the highly prized backbone in the early 1990s either email or FTP file transfer. But in 1993, everything changed with the introduction of the worlds 1st Internet browser (Mosaic). A new world was born; a world further enabled by the launches of Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer.What followed is well documented. Home computers went from luxury to necessity; eCommerce sites went from curiosity to mainstream; telcos and equipment manufacturers built vast infrastructure in the hope of reaping future rewards. Global demand for bandwidth has spurred terrestrial and submarine cable network operators to double the amount of capacity deployed on international networks.Demand for international bandwidth between Europe and Asia is expected to increase nearly 9-fold between 2017 and 2023 and bandwidth linking Europe to the Middle East is fo...