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The Cloud-Era Of Computing Is Just About Over, So What's Next?

July 19, 2018 / Mark Lewis

Most technology startups founded in the past decade are either building software for the cloud or running their applications in the cloud. It has become so trendy that many venture investors will simply not invest in any “tech” that is not “cloud-based.” With the cloud as popular as ever, it may seem like heresy to say that it is all about to change, but that is exactly what happens with technology and innovation. As soon as you start to get comfortable, everything changes. I believe the next era of computing will transition the focus to what is known as “edge computing” which, in many ways, is the anti-cloud. Yes, this sounds more like a cycling of fashion trends where we alternate between wide ties and narrow ties for no apparent reason but that is not the case. Specific requirements are driving this need for change. Here is how to think about it. Today, most applications deliver content to people. Video, music, Alexa, Siri and all manner of applic...