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The four common traits of successful cloud migrations: View

June 03, 2019 / Indiatimes

Every organisation has a different reason for starting its cloud transformation journey. Some want to consolidate their data assets. Others want to respond faster to the changing needs of their customers. And some are seeking a platform that will help them launch new ventures, and explore local, and global market opportunities. One of the things I’ve discovered, is that while each transformation is unique in its own way, the most successful all have four distinctive traits in common. 1. They have visionary leadership with clarity of purpose. It’s hard to overstate the importance that visionary leadership plays in a successful cloud strategy. Visionary leaders are constantly reinventing their customer experience because if they don’t, someone else will and they risk being disrupted. These leaders inspire teams by painting a picture of what the future state of their organisation will look like, and the benefits that will flow from it. By establishing a clear sense of th...