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The PS5 could launch with a second cloud-based console from Sony

September 06, 2019 / SHABANA ARIF

The Sony PS5 is expected to launch next year something Sony hasnt made a secret of but it looks like we could see the Japanese heavyweight wade into cloud gaming with its own dedicated console and give the Google Stadia a run for its money, if its recent patent is anything to go by. Spotted by SegmentNext, the patent relates to a cloud gaming system,which was reportedly filed by Sony Interactive Entertainment America LLC with the US patent office at the end of last month. It refers to both systems and methods for cloud gaming and goes on to describe various aspects utilised in the process, including streaming of video games.
The cloud gaming system implements at least one channel driver to facilitate I/O processing for the one or more client devices when executed by the computing resources of the one or more data centers,it reads, according to the website.