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The Three Best Practices for Securing the Hybrid Cloud

February 25, 2020 / NA

When it comes to cloud infrastructure and implementation, the hybrid cloud option is one that many companies are beginning to latch on to. Overall the most notable element of this realm of security is that it combines the flexibility and customization of a private cloud with the availability of the public cloud. This approach tends to be significantly more cost-effective and offers a wide array of features.Depending on the needs of your company, hybrid cloud options allow businesses to opt-in and out of different levels of features to best tailor their needs. According to Rochelle B. McDaniel, an IT writer at Writinity and Researchpapersuk, every single company will interact with data and security in differing ways. Some companies will make the cloud their go-to place for data storage while others use it to hold sharable and aggregate data.When it comes to security, it is essential to know what level of data interaction a company is planning to participate in.When done well, the idea o...