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Virtustream and the Value of Truly Trusted Enterprise-Class Cloud

May 14, 2019 / Charles King

At Dell Technologies World 2019 earlier this month, Virtustream—Dell Technologies’ enterprise-class cloud business—announced a pair of new initiatives worthy of consideration. The first was an expanded collaboration between Virtustream and Equinix, a provider of private networking solutions for directly connecting enterprise customers with cloud computing platforms. The second was a major update of the Virtustream Healthcare Cloud designed to greatly simplify the planning, deployment and migration of electronic health-care records (EHR) systems hosted in the cloud. However, both announcements reflect more substantial issues: What constitutes “enterprise-class” cloud computing, and how does it differ from commonplace cloud services? Moreover, why or when do organizations need these services? Let’s consider how Virtustream’s announcements reflect on these larger points. The case for enterprise-class cloud So exactly what does “enterprise-cl...