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Western Digital unveils OpenFlex architecture to power big data

August 09, 2018 / Clare Hopping

Western Digital has revealed its OpenFlex architecture, designed to transform the data centre into a fully scalable infrastructure to power big data and fast data workloads.OpenFlex combines fabric-attached disk and flash devices, an API to manage data centre resources and an entire network of hardware and software providers to support it on its open standards mission.Western Digital developed OpenFlex as part of its mission to deliver a complete foundation for open, software composable infrastructure (SCI) – the hope being that OpenFlex will encourage the creation of a community around its own APIs.Not only will it help data centre operators to scale their resources using SCI, but end-users will be able to make better use of their installed hardware and software, significantly cutting the total cost of ownership and upfront cost of managing workloads, according to the company.