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What is Amazon SQS

January 08, 2020 / NA

The messaging that occurs within a web application can be quite complex. In a cloud computing environment, it’s even more complex. There are web services, distributed computing components, microservices, and other pieces of code that must communicate with each other. Often, these services reside on a completely different network or server, and yet the messages still need to be delivered quickly, efficiently, and with optimal security.
Decades ago, the concept of a message queuing service solved this messaging distribution problem long before cloud computing even came into fruition. Services such as Microsoft Message Queuing were designed for servers in a data center to communicate with each other and delivers the messages needed by applications within the infrastructure. IBM MQ worked in a  similar way, making sure applications that are not on the same server or even in the same data center could send messages reliably, quickly, efficiently, and securely.Amazon SQS (S...