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Workday Debuts a Universal Skills Ontology Called Skills Cloud

October 02, 2018 / David Needle

How many ways can you say “project management”? While the responsibilities may be almost identical, one company’s project manager might be another company’s team leader or group leader. That might not seem like such a big deal, but from a human resources perspective it is.Workday found that common skills can have up to 20-plus synonyms, which skills cloud consolidates to reveal the relationship between skills—for example, showing that “patient management” is related to “urgent care” and “clinical trials” for nurses.“There is a taxonomy of skills which people invest a lot of resources in to develop, but it becomes immediately dated as skills change over time,” Cristina Goldt, vice president of HCM Products at Workday, told eWEEK. “Our aim with skills cloud was to create a common language of skills that all customers can use.”