A Framework for Measuring and Maximizing Cloud ROI

While the agility, efficiency, and flexibility of cloud are easy to understand, calculating the ROI of cloud can be tricky. Yet nailing down ROI can be critical in helping enterprises to determine the right pace of cloud adoption. We’ll provide a framework to help you understand and quantify both cloud benefits and costs plus share real-world customer examples.
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Cloud-based disaster recovery is a simple, dependable solution: a well-documented plan, the resources to execute it and a failover site to support backup in the cloud.


Healthcare: “Making elephant sized strides together with Big Data”


An interesting and atypical thing is happening in Healthcare. Leading data driven organizations are not simply looking to share their Hadoop experiences, successes, use cases, and best practices … but more than ever before, they are embracing the opportunity to share their experiences outside their organizations, in a style that resembles the open source community on which Hadoop was built. It all started at Hadoop Summit on June 10th 2015 when a simple breakfast meeting was organized to showcase the experiences of a couple of healthcare’s earliest adopters of Hadoop. The 7am hour was an early start for all that had travelled to the Mecca of Hadoop, but after the coffee had settled the jet lag and the compounding effects of last night’s reunions of old friends and colleagues in the hotel lobby bar…the round table conversations started to buzz! A question here and an answer there, a thought provoking statement, and a nod of agreement that “we are doing that also” and before we new it…information on POC’s, staffing resource expectations, non traditional data source ingestion, and future roadmaps started to fill the room.

Ecosystem Webinar Series: Big Data on Azure


Big data offers broad opportunities to gain unprecedented customer insights and unlock new product innovation. But where do you start? Choosing the right big data solution could be a valuable strategic move for your organization. The Azure Marketplace makes it easy to explore the leading big data solutions available today, including premier Microsoft partner solutions.

Solving Downtime in the Cloud


Building your Disaster Recovery plan in the AWS cloud can be tricky when compared to on-premise methodologies.

A Beginner's Guide to Workstations in the Cloud


The days of ensuring each designer has their workstation under their desk is becoming less the norm. Many organizations, particularly media and entertainment as well as architecture and engineering are considering leveraging the cloud to provide workstations to solve common IT problems resulting from big data sets, a dispersed and flexible workforce as well as increasing concern for data security.