AWS APAC Webinar Week - Introduction to Cloud Computing With Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services

Join this foundational session to understand the core concepts of “Cloud Computing” and different attributes such as reliability, fault tolerance, elasticity, scalability and pay-as-you-go pricing. Whether you are a startup who wants to accelerate growth without a big upfront investment in cash or time for technology or an Enterprise looking for IT innovation, agility and resiliency while reducing costs, the AWS Cloud provides a complete set of infrastructure services at zero upfront costs which are available with a few clicks and within minutes.
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Hear how Acens, a Telefonica company, has used Flexiant Concerto to solve their multi cloud problem and differentiate against their competitors.


How to Use Cloud Storage to Overcome The 3 Challenges to ACTIVE Data Archiving


In this webinar, Storage Switzerland and Panzura cover the reasons to aggressively archive data, the challenges to an aggressive archiving strategy and, most importantly, how to combine the economics of cloud storage and performance of flash for an active archiving solution that solves these challenges.
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How to Get Real Cost-Savings on Azure


Using the Azure cloud can give you so much in terms of infinite scalability and ease of allocation. But what if you’re seeing your cloud storage footprint and the costs associated with it growing larger and larger Watch the engaging on-demand webinar, "How to Get Real Cost-Savings on Azure Calculate Your TCO with Cloud Volumes ONTAP", in which you will Calculate your native Azure storage costs and compare them to your TCO using NetApp’s Cloud Volumes ONTAP for Azure.Learn how NetApp’s efficient snapshots, data cloning, data tiering, and thin provisioning, data compression, deduplication storage efficiencies combine to dramatically reduce storage costs.See how other companies are already using Cloud Volumes ONTAP to optimize and improve the costs of deploying on Azure.
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Ceph and OpenStack: Red Hat’s winning combination for enterprise clouds

The role of today’s IT infrastructure and datacenter teams is evolving. To meet the growing demands of their business, modern IT teams need platforms that provide total agility from top to bottom. While OpenStack has quickly become the solution of choice for private and public clouds, no OpenStack cloud is complete without a suitable enterprise storage solution that also delivers performance and flexibility. In this webinar, Red Hat's product marketing managers, Jeff Jameson and Ross Turk, will discuss the combined power of Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform together with Red Hat Ceph Storage. You'll learn about Red Hat's OpenStack and storage solutions and hear how deploying them together can give you the competitive advantage your business demands.
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PCF Dev: Spring Cloud Services in Your Pocket — Keaty Gross

Pivotal Software, Inc

PCF Dev is a new distribution of Cloud Foundry designed to run on your laptop or workstation. It is intended for programmers who wish to develop and debug their applications locally on a fully-featured Cloud Foundry. Or PMs who want to do acceptance offline. Or newbies interested in exploring Cloud Foundry. It is definitely intended for you.
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