Building Platforms for a Digital Society - Gartner Opening Keynote


Your success in meeting the fast-moving technology challenges of the past few years perfectly positions you for the future. No matter where you are right now — opening up back-office systems for digital delivery, shifting to cloud, or developing a digital workplace, or investing in the Internet of Things, blockchain and machine learning — you are on the right track to building a robust digital platform! But keep an eye on the bigger picture.
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Covisint and Starbucks IdaaS Partnership Infographic.


Modernize Your Applications and Infrastructure

Amazon Web Services

Customers who run SAP on AWS have lowered costs, improved performance, resilience, security, and agility. Application modernization can start with SAP at the core – but it can also start with machine learning, internet of things, big data and analytics. In this session, AWS is presenting and demonstrating use cases for modernizing IT systems that incorporates SAP. Customer Larsen & Toubro Infotech (LTI) shares their innovation agenda and journey to the cloud with AWS.


The most recent Alert Logic Cloud Security Report was delivered last week. We’ve been issuing these reports since 2012 using data from our many customers – cloud and otherwise. Analyzing the data tells us a lot about security trends in general, as well as how security threats differ in the cloud versus on-premises environments.

Best Practices for Application Migration & Modernization for Multicloud

The question for most organizations is not if cloud but ‘what’ and when and ensuring that the digital transformation strategy it embarks on in a multi cloud world achieves its business goals. Most organizations are well under way evaluating large scale migration and application modernization efforts. Its a daunting task with lots of room for error if not done right.In this webinar, we will discuss the key factors that need to be considered when making your journey to the cloud and making an informed decision to help you accelerate your cloud migration and modernization efforts.Attend this webcast to learn.

Hybrid Cloud Architectures with VMware Cloud on AWS

Amazon Web Services

There are legacy enterprise Microsoft applications still running on premises, Microsoft SharePoint, Dynamics, Exchange, SQL server or .NET applications. To best realize the benefits of cloud, these applications must be modernized using cloud native approaches to become scalable, secure and fault tolerant. The webinar covers how to refactor and modernize Microsoft applications, explore methods to integrate with AWS managed services for identity federation, databases, monitoring and containers to achieve agility, security and elasticity.