Cloud Backup: What Customers Really Want

If you’re looking to grow your cloud services business, backup is a great way to do it. The cloud provides a convenient place to store backups offsite – and even recover in the event of a disaster – for all those organizations without their own second site. But what does it take to succeed in the evolving cloud backup market?In this webinar brought to you by Business Cloud News and Veeam, we’ll discuss six “must-haves” that today’s savvy backup buyers are looking for. You’ll learn new ways to market and enhance your cloud backup offering to more effectively:Engage prospects,Demonstrate your expertise,Differentiate yourself from the competition.
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The methodology begins with the installed base of workloads categorized by workload type and implementation and then applies the volume of bytes per workload per month to obtain the traffic for current and future years.


Streamlining Compliance in the Cloud

NetSuite Inc

In this webinar executives who have taken multiple companies public share their insights and experiences preparing for an IPO. Learn about the key business impacts including: the financial close, financial reporting & forecasting, corporate governance & SOX compliance, financial system readiness, organizational capabilities, and the registration process. You will also learn how NetSuite has helped hyper-growth companies upgrade their financials systems for the rigors of operating as a public company.
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Successful Application Lifecycle Management in the Cloud


This webinar will introduce the themes and concepts of business agility, governance, and choice. The content is relevant for anyone responsible for managing and consuming cloud services within an enterprise organization, including senior IT management, IT operations, application development management, personnel responsible for security, and business management.
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Construction File Sharing: To Cloud, or Not to Cloud

This webinar will discuss what the ideal file collaboration architecture is in order to succeed in the construction industry. Join Joe Tan, Technology Director of Devcon Construction, one of the largest construction firms in the world, and Rajesh Ram, VP Products, to learn how to: Access large files at jobsites with or without Internet, Securely share information with internal and external collaborators, Work on CAD/CAM files, photos, contracts and more from mobile devices.
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The Hybrid WAN with Extreme Workload Mobility to/from the Cloud, Part 1


Enhanced bi-directional workload portability with reduced downtime and accelerated migration Secure extension and integration with your on-premises data and vCloud Air using stretch layer two connectivity . Advanced hybrid management features that enable advanced visibility and control of vCloud Air environments.
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