Cloud Decision Factors: Azure vs Private Cloud for Microsoft Dynamics

Virtual private cloud, Azure-based cloud, SaaS public clouds, build it yourself cloud, fully-managed cloud... If you find the cloud options for Microsoft Dynamics confusing, then this is the webcast for you. Choosing the right platform is critical for success on all levels - from data security, uptime, speed of deployment, to support, upgrades and customizations. And as more partners add cloud options to their offerings, it's critical to understand what's under the hood of their offering as well. Will it integrate? Will I run into issues that increase my cost? Who will support me through this journey? Cloud and infrastructure expert Rob Curls compares the two dominant cloud models for Microsoft Dynamics, Azure and private cloud, and the key decision factors for each.
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Just a quick video on Amazon Cloud Drive, as I've been playing around with it now for a while and I always want to give you my experience with the newest cloud (storage) tools and services. So here it goes, my first Amazon Cloud Drive Review, a sneak peek, so to speak...


Delivering Cable Services in the Cloud Era

IHS Markit Technology

We are a society of digital nomads. As cable operators respond to the needs of cloud-connected subscribers, the pressure is on to deliver new services not only quickly, but at scale. Technologies such as network functions virtualization (NFV) and software-defined networking (SDN) within the network, but particularly at the MSO edge, are central to unlocking the true potential of the cable broadband infrastructure. This webinar examines how virtualization will impact the MSO network and takes a look at key residential and commercial offerings enabled by NFV and SDN.
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Tap into Cloud with IBM

This webinar provides an overview of the “big picture” on the IBM Cloud story, from a client go to market perspective, with a particular focus on two IBM Cloud Solutions: Softlayer & Bluemix.
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Webinar: Reengineering an Entire Data Ecosystem to the Cloud with The New York Times


Cloud Migration Webinar with The New York Times and GCP Learn more about migrating from on-premises legacy data warehouse systems to completely cloud-based technology on GCP. Join The New York Times, Google and Caserta to learn about migrating an entire data ecosystem to the cloud. We will explore a use-case at The New York Times to understand the difficulties of migrating data from on-premises to GCP, and learn how Caserta solved these challenges.
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If Big Data analytical skills find a mention on your Curriculum Vitae, rest assured you are going to rake in seriously BIG moolah! Read on to know why. Looking to update your technical skills or advance your career with an additional degree that would guarantee big dough? Big Data analytics is the most certain way to go! The reason? Companies across industries are awash with data which they are looking to utilize to the best of their abilities – manage it, understand it, make better sense of it, spot useful patterns, draw profitable conclusions and insights.
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