CloudSecurity with Incapsula


How Incapsula's cloud-based services address the top operational needs of your customer.
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Oracle's Database as a Service solution with integrated security and hybrid cloud management capabilities allow us to deliver and scale metered cloud services to our clients cost effectively.


Featuring IBM Watson Machine Learning and Watson OpenScale: Automate and Operationalize AI


As organizations rush to innovate and modernize business with AI, one thing is clear. Just getting more insight in your business is no longer good enough. Your business needs fine-tuned foresight on what will happen next. At the heart of any prediction are production-ready models that are trustworthy, explainable and fully traceable. Furthermore, the ability to augment your data science and business teams with AI productivity and automation features is vital to business success. And, you need a simplified way of preparing and shaping data, building and training models and deploying them into production.
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Optimising for mobile doesnt have to start with complex implementations. Join us for an introductory session to create compelling and connected experiences that engage and convert your customers. You will walk away with the following useful tips to manage and deliver fluid experiences across mobile app, websites, single-page applications (SPA), digital signages and IoT devices seamlessly.
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Security Challenges of Migrating to the Cloud

Over the past five years, cloud computing has become an essential element in an organization’s IT mix. At the same time, savvy IT decision-makers want to manage potential security risks involved when migrating their organization’s business-critical data to the cloud. Join Johan Hybinette, HOSTING’s Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), and Cliff Turner, Alert Logic’s Solution Architect for this interactive webinar. Johan and Cliff will answer your cloud security questions including: What are key challenges that IT leaders face when planning for a cloud migration? What security factors should you consider when considering a hosted vs. on-premises solution? As your business moves to a cloud-based infrastructure, how do you adapt your IT security strategy? How do you make sure that your security policies are robust and implemented correctly by your teams and partners?
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Monetizing Big Data

Simplilearn Solutions

Attend a free webinar on “Monetizing Big Data”. Learn how Big Data can transform your business model and capture valuable insights that can drive new revenue streams, optimize processes and enhance customer experience in this valuable learning session. Understand how top companies are driving huge revenues with Big Data. Key takeaways of the webinar: 1. Understand the trends that have led to the Big Data opportunity. 2. Discover why algorithms are essential to monetize Big Data. 3. Hear case histories where Big Data has revolutionized businesses.
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