From DOES 2014: Huawei’s Continuous Delivery Transformation Journey

Electric Cloud

Huawei’s CD and DevOps implementation is a centralized, shared cloud service currently used by 2,000 developers supporting 20 applications. It is in the process of being extended to 40,000 developers, servicing over 1,000 applications.
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The Jitterbit Cloud Data Loader for Salesforce is here! And it once again offers Salesforce users the most powerful data migration tool available today.


Optimizing Your Cloud Infrastructure Strategy


This webinar will walk you through the challenges of competing customer requirements, and how to adapt your cloud infrastructure strategy to meet them. Technologies like Intel® Optane™ technology and the Intel® Xeon® processor Scalable family can help you optimize your cloud infrastructure for both performance and profit.

Cloud Native Java with Spring Cloud Services


Developing cloud native applications presents several challenges. How do microservices discover each other? How do you configure them? How can you make them resilient to failure? How can you monitor the health of each microservice? Spring Cloud addresses all of these concerns. Even so, you still must explicitly develop your own discovery server, configuration server, and circuit breaker dashboard for monitoring the circuit breakers in each microservice. Spring Cloud Services for Pivotal Cloud Foundry picks up where Spring Cloud leaves off, offering a discovery server, configuration server, and Hystrix dashboard as services that can be bound to applications deployed in Pivotal Cloud Foundry, leaving you to focus on developing the services that drive your application.

Understanding the difference between Microsoft Azure & Amazon AWS

As companies gain more interest in the cloud, so does their struggle to make the transition. Most are unsure where to begin or how to assess which cloud provider will work best for them. Some of these questions that rise are: what types of conversions are needed in order to leverage the public cloud, how do you measure the cloud’s size, and how can you see past the advertising and understand the differences Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS?In this webinar, Pluralsight author & IT Consultant Elias Khnaser, walks listeners through the differences between Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure. You will be ready to make more informed decisions as you migrate your workloads to the public cloud.

Community Cloud helps Pono Music rock social e-commerce

"We’ll show you how rock legend Neil Young kickstarted a high-resolution music revolution by keeping social, e-commerce in perfect harmony with Community Cloud. Find out how Pono built a customized solution that allows customers to connect on a personal level, and why their community doesn’t just support e-commerce — it drives it."