Get Digital Experience right with 360-degree measurement

Customer experience is the single biggest differentiator, and the top priority for the majority of CEOs. In today’s digital economy, how are you able to ensure a great customer experience across so many digital touchpoints? Not easily. Today, multiple teams measure customer experiences in different ways: Marketers measure digita
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The IT industry is witnessing a shift to what IDC calls the Third Platform of computing. It is made up of four key areas:


Evaluation and Outlook for Carrier Cloud


Operators are leveraging cloud as a strategic growth area to offset declines in legacy enterprise revenue. Operators are driving investment in data centers to support cloud development and portfolio expansion to offer new and unique cloud services to customers.
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It can be difficult to manage cloud costs. As a result, you are likely wasting 30-45 percent or more of your cloud spend. Cloud governance, IT, and finance teams need to understand where costs are coming from, allocate those costs to the appropriate departments, and find ways to reduce waste and save money. In this webinar, we will show you how to manage cloud costs and optimize spend.
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How to transition to the cloud without pain

While the first generation of clouds were built for developers, the second generation of clouds has been designed for IT teams and have been engineered for a much broader scope of deployments.
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Deploy Big Data solutions Rapidly in Cloud through Harbinger's ABC model

Harbinger Systems

Today, businesses are grappling with huge volumes of data. Building capabilities to process/analyze data and generate insights, through Big Data solutions, is becoming a key differentiator for them. And developing such a competitive advantage using traditional models takes time and defeats its purpose.
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