How to Chart Your Route to Cloud Native


Join this live Q&A with Amit Gupta, VP Product Management at Tigera, as he provides tips, advice, best practices and industry insights into going cloud native.  He will answer all of your questions live from DockerCon and help your organization discover why Kubernetes is the #1 container orchestration tool, how it plays a vital role in application security, and how clout native architectures help solve application connectivity problems.
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52% of enterprises are NOT moving to the cloud because of security concerns.1,2


Entreprise Big Data avec Microsoft Azure


With the emergence of big data set came the need for a data platform in entrerprise. Apache Hadoop has emerged as one of the central Elements of this platform and leads a revolution data within companies. Join us for a webinar around this technology on Microsoft Azure, how it positions itself in the company and show the most important use cases that require these transformations.

AWS Reserved Instance Fundamentals

To meet the many different needs and use cases of public cloud users, AWS offers several ways to purchase compute capacity for its EC2 instances. Reserved Instances (RIs) specifically present a tremendous opportunity to save significantly on cloud costs, while offering flexibility and convenience.

How active everywhere database architecture accelerates hybrid cloud deployments


In this on-demand webinar, we’ll discuss how an Active Everywhere database—a masterless architecture where multiple servers (or nodes) are grouped together in a cluster—provides a consistent data fabric between on-premises data centers and public clouds, enabling enterprises to effortlessly scale their hybrid cloud deployments and easily transition to the new hybrid cloud world, without changes to existing applications.

Ensuring Security in Machine Data

This Webinar will discuss why it is inherently safe to collect and transmit Machine Data for further analysis in the Cloud. It will also discuss best practices for collecting machine data to ensure that no sensitive data ever leaves your firewall.