Implementing Private Cloud Computing to Optimise/Transform Your Data Centre

According to TechTarget's Data Centre Decisions 2011 survey, more than half (56.8%) of UK and European users are not using or considering using private cloud computing over the next 12 months. 26.6% will definitely implement private cloud computing in the same time while 16.6% have already implemented private cloud. This webcast will explore the current state of private cloud computing adoption in UK and Europe and discuss the benefits and challenges of using private cloud computing. It will touch upon cost, security aspects and the business benefits of private cloud computing. It will also compare private cloud to public and hybrid cloud options.
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Deutsche Telekom decided to use AppDirect's capability as a cloud service broker after realizing that it would take them 2-3 years to deploy saas services on their own.


IT infrastructure and cloud computing

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Cloud Computing is radically changing the face of IT, influencing business efficiency and productivity. IT infrastructures are in the midst of a revolution, and as with all revolutions, risks and opportunities are at their paramount.

From Zero to 1 Million with Google Cloud Platform and DataStax


Google Cloud Platform delivers the industry’s leading cloud-based services to create anything from simple websites to complex applications. DataStax delivers Apache Cassandra™, the leading distributed database technology, to the enterprise.



In this 60-minute session you’ll hear: Where all-flash has been successful and where it hasn’t The big issues with making the all-flash data center dream come true How to use Edge-Core architecture to make all-flash a reality

How to Build Control and Data Security in the Cloud

Cloud security remains one of the top barriers to the adoption of cloud computing (Gartner top 3) and drives a need for new and broader security measures that go beyond traditional enterprise IT security tools and practices.Join security experts from IBM, SoftLayer and Intel® for a comprehensive webinar about the cutting-edge products and services that deliver unparalleled control and data security in the cloud. In this webinar, you will receive.