Low-Code in 30 Webinar Cloud Native Applications and Multi-Cloud Deployment


Join Simon Black, Chief Technology Evangelist at Mendix, for everything about cloud native applications and multi-cloud deployment in this rendition of Low-Code in 30.He’ll cover how cloud native is a strategy for building and running applications. It is not concerned about where applications run, but how they’re built. Simon demonstrates this within the Mendix low-code development platform. Also covered is how cloud native came about. Simon goes indepth about Heroku’s 12 Factor Apps which set best practices and was designed to enable applications to be built with portability and resilience.
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Amazon Web Services Continues to Dominate the Cloud Infrastructure.


Webinar Edge Computing vs Cloud Computing


Is the era of cloud computing coming to an end? Experts predict that cloud computing is gradually making way for the next big thing: Edge. NASSCOM Product Connect and Simplilearn together present this live fireside chat on edge computing and how it stacks up against the cloud. Tune in to watch Bernard Golden, Cloud Computing Expert and Anand Narayanan, Chief Product Officer at Simplilearn discuss this latest technology. About the Host: A Product leader with deep experience in building products across various industries and product types, Anand leads the product vision, roadmap and delivery at Simplilearn.
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See What Cloud ERP Can Do For Your Distribution Company

NetSuite's Wholesale Distribution Industry Lead, Ranga Bodla, and Industry Expert, John Bek, present this hour-long demo of NetSuite for Wholesale Distribution companies.
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"See Instant Cloud Interoperability in Action"


When applications are tied to their underlying infrastructure, they must be refactored before they can be moved. As the 94% of large organizations affected by this challenge can attest to, infrastructure dependency can drain development resources, stifle innovation and restrict agility.
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Easy as 3-2-1. Maximize Availability with Veeam, On-site and in the Cloud

Microsoft, VMware

Boost VM performance and reduce backup costs with Veeam 9 and Quantum tiered backup storage. From deduplication, to hybrid storage, to tape, to cloud, learn how Quantum’s portfolio of tiered backup storage works with Veeam 9 to boost VM performance while reducing backup costs.
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