Reducing Risk in the Cloud with the CCM

Cloud computing promises to deliver efficiencies through reduced time to market and greater agility for organizations. While the impact of cloud computing is profound, many organizations remain hesitant to consider the cloud. This is often due to a lack of clarity over the unique security risks introduced in the cloud computing model and a perceived lack of transparency by both providers and customers.During this talk we will provide an overview of the most common cloud security risks and provide insight into the industry leading standard and framework to assess and measuring information security controls within the cloud.
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Sogeti CEO Hans van Waayenburg sharing our Cloud capabilities and why our clients choose us as their Cloud partner.


Webinar: The Midmarket and SMB Guide to Cloud Computing


Few technologies have impacted businesses over the last few years as much as cloud computing. Whether it’s enabling enterprises to handle traffic bursts in a more economical and efficient manner or helping small and midsize businesses (SMBs) save money on infrastructure costs, cloud computing has the ability to positively impact businesses of all sizes.

Pivoting to Cloud: How an MSP Brokers Cloud Services


Many Managed Services Providers (MSPs) are looking to shift their cloud services offerings to encompass public and private cloud options. Learn how one MSP, Offis, uses RightScale to broker services across a variety of cloud providers as well as virtualized environments in order to serve the diverse needs of its customers.

Low-Code in 30 Webinar Cloud Native Applications and Multi-Cloud Deployment


Join Simon Black, Chief Technology Evangelist at Mendix, for everything about cloud native applications and multi-cloud deployment in this rendition of Low-Code in 30.He’ll cover how cloud native is a strategy for building and running applications. It is not concerned about where applications run, but how they’re built. Simon demonstrates this within the Mendix low-code development platform. Also covered is how cloud native came about. Simon goes indepth about Heroku’s 12 Factor Apps which set best practices and was designed to enable applications to be built with portability and resilience.


In early 2015, members of the Information Security Group on LinkedIn launched a comprehensive survey of information security professionals on the state of cloud security.