The Cloud Connection: Understanding the Customer Lifecycle with Cloud Analytics


The power of analytics can transform any business, but the road to insights can be long and expensive. That’s why a growing number of companies are exploring the practice of insights as a service. By circumventing the most challenging components of high quality analysis, these organizations are solving a wide range of business challenges quickly and effectively: from understanding customer behavior to finding new lines of business; from streamlining operations to avoiding customer churn.
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This paper explores how the rapid adoption of virtualization and cloud technologies are reshaping how we think about IT—and how it’s transforming businesses today.


Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery in Action

No business likes leaving its operations vulnerable to downtime or loss of data. But the complexity and expense of traditional disaster recovery solutions force many businesses to make tradeoffs, and operate with only a limited disaster recovery plan in place—or none at all.

Cloud Computing Primer


Cloud computing, in its many forms, has become an integral part of IT. Even after 10 years of cloud hype, confusion is still rampant. This webinar explores best practices to help IT leaders, CIOs and IT professionals develop strategies to take advantage of cloud as they shift to digital business.

Conquering the Cloud: Secure Remote Network Management for the Distributed Enterpris

Rapidly deploy and dynamically manage secure networks at geographically distributed stores, branch locations, and on the road with Cradlepoint's Enterprise Cloud Manager. This innovative cloud platform is the next generation management and application platform that helps you improve productivity, increase security and network reliability, and reduce costs; all while enhancing the intelligence of your network and business operations.

Protect Your Applications To Anywhere with ZVR 4.0!

With Zerto Virtual Replication, you can protect your applications in a public, private, and hybrid cloud – anywhere! Join us to learn how Zerto Virtual Replication works and see it in action in a short demo. You will see: RPOs of seconds, and RTOs of minutes, Fully automated failover, failback and non-disruptive DR testing, True application mobility with the ability to move virtual applications across hypervisors and clouds.