The Hybrid WAN with Extreme Workload Mobility to/from the Cloud, Part 1


Enhanced bi-directional workload portability with reduced downtime and accelerated migration Secure extension and integration with your on-premises data and vCloud Air using stretch layer two connectivity . Advanced hybrid management features that enable advanced visibility and control of vCloud Air environments.
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Public cloud may seem attractive to organizations looking to accelerate DevOps, but unanticipated surcharges and lack of in house control should prompt exploration of other options.


Top 5 Ways to Optimize for Cost Efficiency with the Cloud

Amazon Web Services

This session covers the Top 5 ways you can reduce the cost of your workloads in the AWS Cloud including high-level architectures and when to use and our numerous pricing options for components of those architectures.
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Are you interested in enhancing your company’s cybersecurity? Would you like more information on using “the cloud” to increase your security and efficiency? In this webinar, I.T. experts Jeff Grace and David B. Rounds from NetEffect, a Las Vegas-based I.T. support and consulting firm, share their insights on both these topics. Host for the webinar is Mario Joyner, VP/Small Business Sales Administrator, Nevada State Bank
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HPC & Big Data-Ready Networks

extreme networks

Watch this on-demand webinar to hear from industry experts as they share their insight and experience for what is required to successfully deploy a robust HPC/Big Data solution into environments of any size. You will learn: • How organizations of all sizes are deploying Big Data • What it takes to successfully deploy Big Data into any environment • Why a high speed, low latency network is important Speakers: • Mike Moretti, Director, SGI • Derek Granath, Senior Director, Extreme Networks
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Debunking the Myths of Cloud Management


Cloud managed solutions have been available for many years, yet some commonly held myths and misconceptions still remain over cloud security, network resiliency and the suitability of cloud solutions in enterprise environments. Whether it is concerns over cloud security (“can’t be as effective”), network resiliency (‘if my cloud connection goes down, it could impact my network”), or the suitability of cloud solutions in enterprise environments (“cloud offerings are for SMBs”), questions abound.
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