The New Possible Next Generation Software as a Service

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Cloud Computing is now mature. Major forces like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google and other powerhouses have reshaped the World Wide Web in amazing ways. But what about all that data? The cloud storage game is just now catching up! Register for this Web seminar to learn about Cloud Storage 2.0, and how a new startup, Wasabi, is offering a solution that's six times faster than Amazon S3, for one-fifth the price. Host Eric Kavanagh will interview serial entrepreneur David Friend of Wasabi, and world-renowned industry analyst Dion Hinchcliffe about this next generation of technology, how it changes the game, and opens up a whole range of new business models.
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Your IT organization is under increased pressure to do more, do it fast, and do it cost-effectively. You need to invest in new growth opportunities, but resources continue to shrink.


How to Stop Worrying About Security and Embrace the Cloud

Gartner Webinars

Most of the effort spent on public cloud risk assessment fixates on hypothetical security risks, but fails to take into account business needs for control and governance. This webinar helps you make defensible decisions about public cloud use and ensure that the business uses the most appropriate services in a safe, compliant way.

How to build a scalable, security-rich private cloud – in weeks, not months


If your organization is looking to work faster – and with greater agility – you probably know that a private cloud could be a good solution. But you should also know that traditional methods for implementing an automated private cloud using PaaS can take up to six months. With IBM Private Modular cloud, however yours can be deployed in weeks.

Webinar: Building Node.js applications on Google Cloud Platform


Many developers spend years writing JavaScript for frontend web applications. One of the best parts of Node.js is that it’s just JavaScript. The same skills you use to develop applications in the browser can be used to develop amazing applications in the cloud as well. It’s easy to get ramped up, as the core of node.js is very small.

Cloud Computing and the Enterprise-Defined Data Center

Gartner Webinars

"The future of IT is hybrid, it's agile and it's enterprise-defined. Enterprise IT must become the service provider of outcomes - with infrastructure on-premises and in multiple cloud providers. Different services require different IT models, and outcomes can range from efficiency and low price to agility and business value. IT will need to do it all - without actually doing all of it. "