Webinar: Multi cloud: How can your business benefit?

How can your business benefit from multi cloud? Our CTO, Lee James shares tips on how to get the most.
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Cloud computing is an important evolution in IT service delivery for the enterprise as well as for telcos, hosting companies, government agencies, and others.


Merging Collaboration and Creativity

CDW and Adobe

In today's rapidly changing world, it's hard for creative teams to keep up with the latest tools, collaborate on creative projects and integrate their activities with IT infrastructure to track assets and projects in real time. In this eSeminar, experts from Adobe and CDW discuss the new Adobe Creative Cloud for teams, a cloud-based solution that lets enterprises get the most out of their teams and their assets.

Hortonworks Acquires SequenceIQ: An Overview of Cloudbreak and Periscope

Founded in February 2014, SequenceIQ has developed innovative products such as Cloudbreak, an elastic and cloud agnostic deployment solution for HDP clusters, and Periscope, which provides policy-based autoscaling for multi-tenant HDP clusters. The company has deep experience contributing to existing Apache Software Foundation projects and innovating within the open source community, best exemplified by the seamless integration of Cloudbreak and Periscope with Apache Ambari and Apache Hadoop YARN.

SYN217 - Workspace Cloud for enterprises: a technical overview


The new Citrix Workspace Cloud platform can help you expand workspace adoption across your enterprise. Get the basics on how the platform was designed, workspace services available, and enterprise use cases it directly supports. Whether you’re a hard-core Citrix administrator or one who wants a lighter touch, we will cover how you can leverage it immediately, no matter your technology bench-strength or appetite for granular control.

Preventing Data Leakage in the Cloud


In this webinar, Avanan and GTB Technologies prove that with the right technology, cloud sharing doesn’t have to go hand in hand with data leakage. By embracing APIs, Avanan connects GTB Technologies’ advanced DLP tools to your cloud to prevent data loss. GTB’s data detection is so innovative that it can identify sensitive data within an upside down image embedded in a file. GTB and Avanan's revolutionary approach to unified cloud security closes the compliance gaps left by providers like Microsoft.